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Developing a healthy vocal technique is one of the most important factors in becoming a reliable performer.  IAMT gives their students a strong vocal foundation which gives them the confidence to know that they will be able to sustain a 400 performances/52 weeks a year schedule on Broadway!



Being in New York City provides our students with the opportunity to study with our outstanding working faculty as well as work with special invited guest artists.  When all of your teachers are Broadway professionals, it is easy to see how high the bar is set.  The IAMT students do an average of 13 dance classes a week in Ballet, Musical Theatre, Tap, Commercial Jazz Funk, Hip Hop, Modern/Contemporary and repertoire. We dance more at IAMT than most college "dance programs".

Work with those who DO at IAMT!

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IAMT is also the only musical theatre program in the country that teaches "The art of the BREATH™" acting technique created and developed by IAMT Acting Head Mr. Michael Minarik.  Acting is a deeply personal experience, and we want our students to have a broad palette of colors to paint with.



Each Summer, IAMT gives students AGES 12-19 from around the country and around the World the opportunity to work with IAMT's outstanding, all professional Broadway faculty!  We believe that, in addition to having fun at a summer program, the level of training should be HIGH and the IAMT faculty is among of absolute best in the country!

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