• Fill out the online application linked below

  • In order to apply to IAMT, you are required to have two (2) recommendations; one from your guidance counselor/advisor, and one from a director, vocal coach, or dance teacher you have worked with. The person writing the recommendation must email it as a PDF to with your name in the subject line in order for your application to be reviewed.

  • *If you are not currently enrolled in school recommendation letters from a director, vocal coach, or dance teacher will be accepted*

  • Pay the online application fee

  • Attend one of our in-person audition days (listed below) or submit a video audition

  • Submit application for our scholarships

After all of these items are completed, your application will be reviewed and you will hear back from the IAMT Admissions Committee quickly.  At IAMT, we don't believe in making students wait an indeterminate amount of time to hear if they have been accepted.  If we believe you possess the talent and potential to make it in the business, we let you know.  As IAMT's reputation for excellence grows so do the number of applications and the level of talent.  If you are accepted into IAMT it means that we believe that YOU have what it takes to become successful in the musical theatre industry and WE want to help you get there!


 Tuition for the 2023-2024 School year is $24,000/semester.  Scholarships are available and are merit-based and need-based.  IAMT prides itself on having 95% of its graduates leave the program debt-free due to the number of scholarships awarded to its students.  Scholarships are awarded upon acceptance into the program.  If additional scholarship is requested, financial information will be required to be reviewed by the IAMT financial officer for consideration.  Payment plans are available upon request of two to four years at a competitive interest rate.


*All applicants should be prepared to sing and dance at their audition*

MARCH 11, 2023


The Institute for American Musical Theatre

3835 Broadway, Floor 2 

New York, NY 10030 




*YOU MUST SUBMIT AN APPLICATION BEFORE SUBMITTING A VIDEO AUDITION. If you have not completed the application, please visit the Apply Now page*

The requirements for video submissions are as follows: 

Please introduce yourself 

(2) 32 bar cuts of your favorite songs.

*Please choose songs that show off your vocal type*

Discuss any and all dance experience you may have 

(If you have any videos of dance experience please share, if you do not have any just state that you are a beginner in your video)

If you would like to be considered for the advanced level dance classes please include:

(2) videos of you dancing in any of the following facets:

Competition, Performance, Studio, and/or dance reel.