IAMT Prep Division

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The Institute for American Musical Theatre is pleased to announce the second year of IAMT Preparatory Division!  IAMT Prep is a once a week training program for young students, ages 12 to 17, who have a passion for musical theatre and want to work with, and learn from,  Broadway professionals. 

IAMT Prep's mission is to give young students an opportunity to work with the outstanding IAMT faculty on a weekly basis, helping them form a strong foundation in singing, acting and dancing. This training will give students a distinct advantage when the time comes to audition for colleges, conservatories, or school shows.  Several IAMT PREP students are not joining the IAMT professional training program as members of the Class of 2020!  Our curriculum will allow IAMT Prep students to experience a different series of voice, dance and acting classes each week that will ultimately create a well rounded young artist.

IAMT Prep 2018

IAMT Prep will meet on Saturdays from September 22nd to December 1st skipping November 24th for Thanksgiving. 

Classes will take place from 10:00am to 2pm at Pearl Studios (500 Eighth Avenue).

Tuition for this 10-week program will be $2,000 plus a $40 non-refundable application fee. 



Why IAMT Prep? 

The Institute for American Musical Theatre is on its way to becoming the country's premiere musical theatre program. Our faculty are all working Broadway professionals and have performed in over 135 Broadway shows combined.  They know what it takes to succeed in the business, and they want to share their knowledge with as many aspiring performers as possible.  The IAMT faculty are very well connected to the Broadway community, and if we feel your child is ready, we will help facilitate an audition should an opportunity arise.

What classes will my child be taking?

The IAMT Prep Division offers its students three (3) classes during each Saturday session - one acting, one singing, and one dancing. Our small class sizes allow for students to work with their classmates as well as get individualized attention each week. Listed below are the classes offered:

Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, and Tap

Voice: VoiceBarre® and Private Lessons**

Acting: Technique, Song Interpretation and Improv

**If an IAMT faculty member nominates a gifted student for private voice lessons, they will be scheduled for a fraction of the cost with one of IAMT's outstanding voice faculty members.

Are there other classes offered during IAMT Prep?

Yes! IAMT Prep will offer audition preparation classes during each semester. These classes will help students pick the appropriate repertoire to sing for auditions, find their "look", and calm nerves.  Mock auditions will be held to solidify what students learn during these classes.

Will I get to see my child perform?

Yes!  IAMT Prep students will have the opportunity to showcase their skills at the end of each 10-week session.  Family and friends will be invited to the performance.

Will my child work with professional Broadway teachers? 

Yes!  All of the IAMT Prep faculty have either had a Broadway career or are currently in a Broadway show.  All Prep Division faculty members will come from our year-long program. Our faculty is excited to work with Prep Division students and really inspire them to work hard and live their Broadway dreams! For a listing of teachers, please visit our Faculty pages.                    


Does my child have to audition? 

Like any pre-professional program, an audition is required to secure a place.  Auditions can be submitted via video to Admissions@IAMusicalTheatre.com. If submitting an online audition, please put "[Your Name] IAMT Prep Audition" in the email subject.  Private auditions can be arranged by emailing IAMT's artistic administrator Casey at Casey.Simyak@IAMusicalTheatre.com.

Are there any requirements for IAMT Prep? 

If you are interested, you must fill out an application (found below), pay the $40 application fee, and either submit an online audition or schedule a private audition. All audition materials must be received no later than September 15, 2018. Students are also required to provide the appropriate dance clothing and shoes, such as Ballet slippers, Tap shoes, and Jazz shoes. 

What if I have more questions about the program?

If you have any further questions about the IAMT Prep program, our teachers, or the curriculum, you can email us at admissions@IAMusicalTheatre.com.