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The Institute for American Musical Theatre is THRILLED to announce "IAMT CREATORS" a two-year program for composer/lyricist/book writer/directors of Musical Theatre.  Our vision has always been to have a program of talented young composers/lyricists teams working alongside our renowned musical theatre program to learn how to craft and write the next great American musical!  With celebrated lyricist Sam Carner as head, an exciting faculty of current industry professionals, the most comprehensive curriculum available, the full complement of IAMT graduates and students to use in workshopping new material and access to some of the top Broadway producers in the industry, we feel like this program was destined to be.  Learning from those who DO is what makes this program unique and special.  Our aim is to develop what is unique about you, your style and help guide your process to its full potential.




* Is there an application fee?

We charge a $50 application fee to help cover the cost of review by a 3-person panel of industry professionals..


* When is the application deadline?

We have a rolling admissions policy, and spots will fill up, so we recommend getting your application in early. That said, our final application deadline will be July 15, 2020 (for the class entering that September)


* What will the academic calendar be?

This 2-year program will be comprised of four 15-week semesters, commensurate with traditional academic calendars (fall semester running from the beginning of September through early December, spring semester running from mid-January through April). The second-year may extend into late spring, depending on the presentation details of final projects.


* What will the class schedule be?

The class schedule is subject to slight changes every week, as the experience will be a combination of full-semester classes and shorter units. Generally speaking, the classes would be held Monday nights (5:30-10 or 11), Tuesday nights (5:30-10 or 11), some Wednesday evenings (5:30-7 or 8), Thursday nights (5:30-10 or 11), and Sunday daytimes (10-4 or 5).


* What will the workload be?

Some individual classes will have moderate reading, listening, and small exercises, amounting to as much as 2-3 hours of work per class per week (often much less). The most significant work will be collaborative assignments, which will be presented each week. The time commitment for each of these assignments is quite variable, but it would be wise to budget 15-25 hours in time for collaboration, individual work, and rehearsal/preparation.


* Who will my teachers be?

Our remarkable faculty for fall 2020 include composer-lyricist Adam Gwon (Ordinary Days; Scotland, PA), composer-lyricist-librettist Michael R. Jackson (A Strange Loop, Teeth), music supervisor Brad Haak (Mary Poppins, Daddy Long Legs, An American in Paris), director Marlo Hunter (American Reject, Saved By the Bell: The Musical), composer Derek Gregor (Island Song, Unlock’d), and lyricist-librettist Sam Carner (Island Song, Unlock’d), with others still being confirmed (check back for updates).

* Can I have a job while in the program?

It would certainly be possible to have a part-time job while in the program, and you will not have class during weekday daytimes, Fridays, or Saturdays. However, given the combination of 20+ hours of weekly class time and 20+ hours of out-of-class work, maintaining a full-time job will be a real challenge.


* What classes will you offer?

The full array of classes and units are still being determined—and will continue to develop over the course of the 2 years, but they will include:

-Musical Theater Creation Workshop (a weekly collaborative lab)

-Principles of Musical Theater Structure and Aesthetics

-Lyric Writing

-Musical Theater Composition

-Comedy Writing

-Pop Writing

-Opera Musicology

-Music Theory

-Musical Direction


Additional attention will be paid to more philosophical and political questions of being a creative artist in our current moment as well as other fundamentals of musical theater.


* What sort of portfolio will I come out of the program with?

You can expect to leave the program with a 2nd draft of a full-length musical (created collaboratively in a 2-3-person team), a collaborative 20-30-minute one-act musical, and a number of “trunk songs” from various assignments, some of which could stand alone for cabarets and concerts. You can also expect to have a handful of partially-developed material from exercises that can be developed into more complete material in your own time.


* What degree does the program offer?

The program currently offers a certificate of completion.


* Do I need musical theater experience to apply to the program?

You do not need to have written musicals or to have performed in musicals to complete this program, so long as you have a significant interest in creating the form and understand that musical theater does involve a number of conventions that you will be expected to master over the course of the 2-year experience.


* How much does the program cost?

Annual tuition is $18,000 per year.


* Is financial aid/scholarships available?

IAMT can offer student loans/tuition with financing options directly through IAMT. We also offer a limited number of partial scholarships based on need and merit. 


* Where will classes be held?

Classes will be held at the Institute for American Musical Theatre, 3835 Broadway 2nd Floor @ 160th St. in Washington Heights (home of Lin Manuel Miranda)


* Is housing available?

IAMT has a relationship with Bohemia Realty who can help you to find nearby apartments at significantly reduced brokers fees. Students often end up spending $700-800 per month for apartments that are shared with fellow IAMT creator students or students from the Musical Theatre program and they are all within walking distance of the school.


* Am I expected to attend all classes? Can I take this program remotely?

Given the collaborative nature of much of the work, you will be expected to be in town and available in person for all classes and projects. We certainly understand that emergencies and important opportunities come up and can accommodate a very limited number of absences, but these will need to be approved and negotiated. Frequent absences will result in dismissal from the program.