Learn to dance the many influential styles that have shaped Broadway into what it is today!


The Institute for American Musical Theatre offers a specialized and challenging dancer-focused program for its students.  With only 15 to 20 dancers chosen each year, there will be plenty of individual attention to nurture these students into emerging professionals. 


Students who are accepted into the two-year training program will be singing, acting and dancing five days a week, with an average of 9 dance classes and 4 fitness classes each week.  Classes (ballet, jazz, tap, musical theatre, contemporary, bodyART, HIIT classes, MELT Method, yoga and Pilates) will be taught by our dance faculty, as well as by special guest teachers.  Students will have the unique opportunity of having four consecutive semesters of dance training, covering the past 100 years of Broadway dance. Our dance-focused students will be well-versed in the work of legendary artists like Robbins, DeMille, and Fosse, up to and including and in many cases working directly with the notable choreographers of today. 


Our goal is to train and prepare a select group of talented young dancers to be equally confident in their acting and singing abilities by the end of the program.  There will be many performance opportunities, from intimate cabaret-style presentations to performing original choreography from various Broadway musicals, all representing the various styles and genres of dance that have shaped Broadway into what it is today. 


Living in New York City provides our students with the opportunity to study with our outstanding working faculty as well as interact with special invited guest artists.  Being exposed daily to working Broadway professionals, as well as meeting casting directors and agents, will give IAMT students a distinct advantage in the "real world".  When all of your teachers are Broadway professionals, it is easy to see how high the bar is set.  Work with those who DO at IAMT!